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Fic: Broken (Steve/Danno, R, 2/5)

Title: "Broken"
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Parings/Characters: Steve/Danno, Chin, Kono, Jenna, Rachel and Grace is mentioned.
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 1,743
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Hawaii Five-0
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place after the season one finale
Genre: angst
Summary: Steve is broken
Author's Note: I was very...hmm...very upset with the finale to say the least and I tried to fix it, I tried my best to come up with something that could make it all better but I found most of the summer it was just easier to ignore the last two episodes and pretend they never happened. Unfortunately they happened and one night I found myself so angry with my real life I could explode. So I channeled that anger and wrote this while listening to the song "You Can't Break a Broken Heart" by Kate Voegele. It seemed to fit and after going over this fic I was inspired to make an angry, broken Steve fanmix...which I have a feeling will turn into a ficmix before I'm finished with it! LOL So, I hope you enjoy!

Part One

"Damn it." Danny threw the mug across the kitchen and watched the coffee spray the wall. The shattered pieces of the mug fell to the floor and it wasn't until that moment when he realized it did no good throwing something in his apartment because he had to clean it up after he calmed down. "Fuck."

A knock on the door brought him back to reality and he rushed to open it.


"Chin." Danny was still thrown every time he saw Chin as HPD.

"May I come in and ask you a few questions Williams?"

Danny saw the man standing off to the side and nodded to him. "Yeah, but he stays out here or I won't say a word. Won't answer any of your questions Kelly and I don't care what you do to me."

Chin gave Danny a look that told him to shut the hell up and turned to the man he was pretending to treat like a partner. "He's as stubborn as McGarrett so I guess you can stay out here or go down the street and grab a coffee if you want. Give me about fifteen okay?"

"Yeah, gotcha." He nodded to Chin and glanced around him nodding at Danny. "Williams."

"See ya" Danny said as he opened the door wider for Chin to enter the apartment. He closed the door behind his friend and as Chin walked inside Danny watched as he shook his head knowing exactly what he was thinking. "I know. I'll clean it up Chin. Just got...well, just dropped my cup of coffee. Not as good as what Kono makes at the office."

"Yeah, and what's with the coffee splatter on the wall?" Chin walked closer to where Danny threw the mug and smiled. "Must have jumped up off of the floor and slammed itself into the wall I suppose."

"Yeah it did as a matter of fact. Weirdest thing I have ever witnessed."

"Weirder than Steve?"

"Weirder than Steve." Danny sighed and fought back his emotions.

"Look, I spoke to him yesterday not long after you tried to visit and he wasn't doing well at all. What happened Danny?"

"It's my fault. Rachel. She. We." He sighed, not knowing at all where to begin his explanation. "Fuck, I don't know how the hell it happened but it did and I should have told him. I should have let him know that there was something still there with Rach but I didn't."

"No Danny you didn't. How long after your declaration on the mountain as he was being rescued did any of this happen?"


"Excuse me? I was there remember? I know what it is when someone draws a fucking heart Danny and I don't think you realize this but I don't do all that bad reading lips either. I don't know why nothing ever happened after that and I don't know how you jumped from the air heart for Steve to fucking your ex-wife without protection and pardon the pun, screwing up royally. And all of it you kept from him."

"I didn't know how to tell him. And he saw us in the hospital. Well, nothing happened but she showed up, left her trip with Stan to see me and fell asleep in bed with me. Then Steve got there to visit or something I guess and..." He paused a moment as it all began to finally sink in. "Oh fuck."


Danny leaned back against the wall and slowly slid to the floor. "Fuck." He looked up at Chin, tears filling his eyes, and continued. "He was there to get Grace. Steve was there to take Gracie home because Rachel was out of town and Gracie was going to stay with Steve while I was in the hospital. He was taking care of my little girl and I was a fucking idiot. I didn't think....I mean, after the heart there wasn't really anything that was any different between us and then I was in the hospital and he got Gracie. He knew to get Monkey at school and he came back to take her to his house. His house. Oh God."

"So that's what has him so closed off to all of us. He talks and he's friendly enough to me but nothing more than polite conversation if it isn't about the case. Damn it Danny. Do you realize you broke him? He opened up to us in a way he hasn't since his Mom and now he's broken." He held out his hand for Danny to help him stand. As Danny grabbed Chin's hand and he helped him up, Chin spoke. "You have to fix this Danny. I'll figure out how to get him to open up enough to see you and you have got to fix this or he won't help us get him out of there. He will stay there forever and not care Danny. That's where he is right now and you need to stay away until I let you know it's okay, got it? I mean it. Do NOT show up at the prison to see him Danny."

Danny nodded and walked to the door. He turned the handle and as he opened the door he saw Chin's new partner standing there, a coffee in each hand and a bag of something under his arm. He smiled at the man and stepped out of the way so Chin could leave. He watched the two men walk away and wondered if it was even possible for Chin to convince Steve it would be a good idea to let Danny visit after everything he's done...or hasn't done.

H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50



The door closed behind her and she smiled warmly at Steve before going back to her serious demeanor Chin insisted she have while interrogating Steve.

"Okay, so do we start with the Governor or do we start with your partner?"

"Well you cut right to the chase now don't you?" Steve sighed and answered. "Governor and we might work our way over to Williams but don't hold your breath."

"Got it." Jenna pulled a notebook and pencil out of her bag and sat at the table. "Are you going to stand while I'm here or will you be sitting down at some point?"

He contemplated it a moment and decided to sit down and try to work with her on his case because he knew she was there to help as much as he wasn't sure he even wanted it anymore. "Sitting. Do you believe I didn't kill her?"


"Do you know that he hit me with a taser again?"


"Yeah, well, it wasn't Wo Fat at the house but they still hit me with the stun gun when they stole my dad's tool box." Steve sighed. "I should have heard him that night. He never should have gotten into the house much less the room without me hearing him. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"When they took the tool box?" She wasn't having much luck following his train of thought.

"No, that night at the Governor's house."

"No, you can't have expected to have your senses when your mind was reeling McGarrett. You found out the governor was involved and she was someone you thought you could trust, that had your back and she had everyone fooled. You and everyone around you think you are this super human ninja SEAL and yes, for the most part you are but you're not a robot Steve and that was the man that was surprised at Governor Jameson's house. It was the normal human being that was trying to wrap his head around a million different things at once while suffering from a broken heart."

"A broken heart?"

"Steve, you were broken from the instant your father was killed and it was a little worse when you found out the truth about your mom I'm sure." She paused a moment, looked through a couple of folders and began asking more questions. "You said you recorded everything the governor said?"


She thought a moment and smiled. "Do you think she had cameras placed in her house...for those moments just in case?"

Steve sat a little straighter and replied. "I don't know. I assume she would have extra cameras but I'm not sure how many or what rooms."

"I'll see what I can do. I think that is about all I have concerning your case." She paused a moment to gauge his demeanor so she could decide whether or not to proceed. He still seemed relaxed at least a little so she continued. "Danny is driving me insane. Wants to see you and keeps asking me why you won't see him."

"He is no longer my partner. There is no more Five-0 and he has moved on. I don't need to see him."

Her eyes flickered as she realized what his words meant. "I knew that's what it was. Steve, he's not in New Jersey. He is still in Hawaii and his little girl is back in New Jersey. You should know what that means. I've been to his apartment and it does not look like he's going anywhere anytime soon. Nothings packed. No boxes. Nothing Steve. He's here. He's staying."

"He thinks he's obligated to help me get out of here but he doesn't have to help. I am not going to keep him here in Hawaii so tell him to go. Tell him to get out of here and go back to Jersey." Steve stood and crossed his arms. "I think you're finished here. Tell Chin he doesn't need to come back today. Goodbye Kaye."

"Goodbye McGarrett" she said as she gathered her things, stood up, and walked to the door, knocking and waiting for the guards to open it. "I'll be back in a few days."

"Don't hurt yourself" he spat as the door opened and she left the room. Steve's reaction wasn't too far from his actual words because he honestly didn't want to see Jenna Kaye again anytime soon.

Broken ~ Part Three
Tags: fandom: hawaii five-0, fic: steve/danno, genre: angst, rating: r
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