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Fic: Broken (Steve/Danno, R, 4/5)

Title: "Broken"
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Parings/Characters: Steve/Danno, Chin, Kono, Jenna, Rachel and Grace is mentioned.
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 1,598
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Hawaii Five-0
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place after the season one finale
Genre: angst
Summary: Steve is broken
Author's Note: I was very...hmm...very upset with the finale to say the least and I tried to fix it, I tried my best to come up with something that could make it all better but I found most of the summer it was just easier to ignore the last two episodes and pretend they never happened. Unfortunately they happened and one night I found myself so angry with my real life I could explode. So I channeled that anger and wrote this while listening to the song "You Can't Break a Broken Heart" by Kate Voegele. It seemed to fit and after going over this fic I was inspired to make an angry, broken Steve fanmix...which I have a feeling will turn into a ficmix before I'm finished with it! LOL So, I hope you enjoy!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

"I told her days ago to tell you not to come back." Steve grumbled as Chin sat across from him.

"You'll want to see Danny."

"No, I have told you, I've told everyone that will listen that I do not want to see Detective Danny Williams and he should go to New Jersey as soon as possible." Steve started to stand but Chin stopped him.

"Apparently my cousin had what you could call a friendly little chat with Danny and he's seen the light." Chin sighed. "Steve, he was a jackass and she told him as much. He wants to apologize and try to figure this out with you...face to face."


"Steve. Give him a chance. Jenna said she explained how there is nothing in Danny's apartment that looks like he is going to leave any time soon for the mainland and you know how he is about Gracie. I honestly think he has made a choice but you have to give him a chance to explain." He saw the look in Steve's eyes and knew this would be anything but easy. "You'll have the room to yourselves. I'll bring Danny back to the department and then in on the case. I will let everyone know. Everything will be set up by the end of the week and the two of you can talk. I won't come back until after you see Danny which should help explain the transition from me questioning you to Danny coming in and questioning you. Same rules will apply."

"No." He felt his heart pounding in his chest and hoped his body wouldn't betray him. Steve was doing his best to appear strong and cold but inside he was crumbling with no way to stop it.

"He will be here Friday McGarrett and you aren't going to stop him anymore. I will make it so you can't stop him if I have to. It will go much easier if you just accept a visit from Danny." Chin stood and held out his hand.

Steve took hold of Chin's hand and shook it. "I'm not happy about it but I'll let him speak." He let go and watched as Chin left the room, knowing the next visitor he would have would be Danny and Steve had no idea how he might be able to handle it.

H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50


"Come to the precinct now and you will get to see Steve on Friday. I have to bring you up to speed on the case, make it look like you've come to your senses and made your way back to the force, forgetting Steve McGarrett's friendship in the process. You'll be questioning him from now on but you have to get down here or we won't have time to get this worked out so you can see him this week." Chin hung up the phone without even a goodbye but Danny didn't care. Chin convinced Steve to see him and that was all that mattered.

H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50


"Rachel, hey."

"Danny. Are you okay? Is Steve free yet?"

He sighed. "No, he's still in there. I'm going to go see him Friday though. I'm back at the department and Chin was updating me on the case file today. I'll be the one going in to question Steve from now on."

"You're back at the Police Department Danny? I thought..." her voice trailed off and she held back a sniffle.

"Yeah Rach. It was the only way I could get in there to see him. He...well, he wouldn't see me." Silence filled the line as Danny searched for the right words, unable to find them.

"You never answered me. Are you okay?"

"No. And I won't be okay until Steve is free."


Danny realized it was a now or never type of moment so he took a deep breath and spoke, hoping the words would come easily. "Rachel, maybe we shouldn't have tried again. Especially not the way we did. We're old enough to know better Rach and as much as I do not like Stanley, you are still married to him. I can't come to Jersey. Not anytime soon. Come back here, deal with Stan and the divorce fi that's what you want, and then maybe we can figure things out. We got a divorce for a reason...well, for too many reasons to count if I remember correctly and really, are all of the reasons gone? No, they aren't. All of it is still there because even if we've changed, we're still basically the same people we were before. How do we know it won't end as badly as it did the first time and I'll have to follow two kids instead of one? Stay here and we'll do what we were doing before because we were getting along as friends." Danny knew he had to end the conversation before something might be said that he can't take back or might not be ready to tell Rachel. "Look, I have to go now. I need to look over these files and I have to know this stuff like the back of my hand so I don't screw up this visit with Steve. I will call you tomorrow okay?"

"Okay Daniel. I will speak to you tomorrow. Goodbye."

As he heard the click on the line he wondered if he would in fact speak to her tomorrow or if she would block him out of her life like she had before. He shook his head, set his phone on the counter and went through Steve's case file trying to memorize as much of it as he could because it was all up to this one visit. He could leave with hope or he could leave a shattered, broken man the way Steve must be feeling with each passing moment he's locked away.

H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50 ~ H50

Danny was searching for just the right tie and looked around his apartment. It looked like more of a disaster than normal but he wouldn't be able to do anything about that until he returned. One fucking comment Steve made in passing about one fucking tie and Danny can't for the life of him remember which tie he was wearing the day Steve said he liked it on him. He had one in each hand and either tie could have easily been the right one from his memory. While he was going back and forth on which one to wear, his phone rang. He knew from the ring tone it was Rachel and he braced himself for what she might say. He tried calling her the last two days and she kept ignoring his calls which led to him no longer trying. Funny how that is always a part of what happened with them...the fact he just stopped trying after a while.

"Hi Rachel."


He could tell she'd been crying. "What's wrong? Gracie okay?"

"She's, she's fine Danny. It''s the baby."

"What? What happened Rachel? Are you okay?" His heart dropped. "I should have been there. I could have..."

Rachel interrupted him. "No, I suppose with all of the stress and worry I was feeling it affected my cycle. The doctor said that false positives happen more often than people realize." She took a deep breath and continued. "Danny, I'm not pregnant. I wasn't pregnant. My body was off kilter and...and there's no baby."


"No, it's fine. It's really better this way after all. I just wanted to make sure I let you know before you went to see Steve. Grace wanted me to tell her Danno she loves him and she will see you soon." Rachel sniffled and wiped her eyes. "We'll see you soon Danny. I'll call you when we have a plan. Goodbye Danny." She ended the call before he could say anything else or insist on helping her in some way.

He sat down on the couch and let it all sink in. He thought about the excitement and joy he felt when he found out he was going to be a father again and it hit him in that moment. He did want to be a father again someday, he just knew in his heart he wasn't meant to be a father again with Rachel. They have Grace and he would always be thankful but she was all they would have together. "Damn."

He jumped as his phone rang again. "Hello?"

"You're still going to see Steve today right?"

"Yes, heading out in a few minutes. He is still okay with it right?"

"Yeah. Are you okay Danny?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure? You sound off and if they suspect anything other than you questioning Steve about the case it will not work." Chin knew Danny was bothered about something and needed to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible or no one would be able to see Steve, no matter who they were.

Danny tried his best to cover up his emotions. "I got it Chin. I'm fine. Honest. All good. They will never suspect a thing."

"Good. Now hurry up and get going. Don't be late."

He had a tie in either hand, closed his eyes and tossed one on the bed. "I really hope this is the tie" he said as he draped it around his neck on his way out the door and into what could be his worst nightmare or his best day ever.

Broken ~ Part Five
Tags: fandom: hawaii five-0, fic: steve/danno, genre: angst, rating: r
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