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Fic: One Winter Weekend, Arrow, PG-13

Title: One Winter Weekend
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Arrow
Parings/Characters: Olicity, mentions the rest of the team
Prompt: September Bingo challenge
Word Count: 3784 words total
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Arrow.
Warnings/Spoilers: never happened, Preview for the first episode from this season
Summary: Oliver asks Feliciy on a date, she accepts and later they decide a vacation is in order.
Author's Note: I filled my bingo card! It begins with Oliver asking Felicity to dinner and then we jump to the future when they're together and decide to get away for a weekend. No beta. I think I caught all of the typos and issues, if not, I apologize tremendously. Wrote it on my phone but grabbed the laptop this morning so I could post! :D Each prompt will have it's own lj cut section but it's hopefully all going to fit in this post.

Losing Sensibility

Felicity stood in front of him, smiling like a goofy teenager. She thought Oliver asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with him, but her brain was telling her it could not be possible. Why her when he could have anyone? Why now? Felicity looked around to see if Slade might have escaped but there was no sign of their foe. She noticed Oliver tilted his head and watched her as he waited for an answer. She kept smiling as she asked, "What?"

Oliver chuckled. "Felicity. Would you like to go to a restaurant, a nice restaurant, and have dinner with me sometime? Soon even? Maybe tomorrow? I assume you know if we're busy or if I have a meeting."


"Excuse me?" Oliver thought there was something between them, that they'd shared at least a few moments where they could be more than just friends.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean no to your question. Yes. Yes Oliver, I would love to have dinner with you. No, we are not busy tomorrow. At least, there is nothing on the schedule." Felicity hated how goofy she acted sometimes around Oliver. And now it would be even worse because they're going on a date. A real, honest to goodness date, where he'll pick her up at her place and they'll go to a nice restaurant. And she'll have to hold up her end of the conversation, not to mention she'd certainly wear a nice dress to the hypothetical nice restaurant. This won't work. In whose world does she think something like this could possibly work out for her? She was losing her last little bit of sensibility as she smiled and stated once more with feeling. "Yes Oliver, I would love to go to dinner with you."

Mid Winter Dip

"Tell me again why I need trunks?"

"Surprise trip, Oliver. If I keep answering your questions we'll lose the effect of the surprise part of our trip." Felicity smiled as she watched Oliver pack.

He glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. "I'm not exactly a fan of surprises."

"I've noticed."

"Are you sure everything is covered?" He asked as he tried not to sound concerned.

Felicity closed the distance between them and touched his shoulder. "Stop avoiding this."

"I'm not avoiding." He protested.

She furrowed her brows at Oliver, moved her hand from his shoulder and folded her arms, knowing she didn't need to say a word and he would understand.

"Not exactly avoiding, simply questioning." He offered.

Felicity shook her head at him. "Look, we've been doing this hero thing for years now without a break. The city will not crumble without us because we are part of a team, Oliver. A team that is more than capable of taking care of anything that comes up while we are away this weekend. They know my system and if there's something that might be too much for Diggle and Roy to handle, they have Barry on speed dial." She giggled. "See, that was funny." She noticed the look Oliver was giving her. "What?"

"They won't need his help."

"Why does he still annoy you? I thought you went to see him and worked everything out. Wished him well and all."

"I did. We did. And he doesn't annoy me, exactly. It's the way he still looks at you sometimes that bothers me."

"We've both moved on. He asked me if there was anything between the two of us when he first came to Starling City."

"And you said?"

"No, because I was still in denial."


Felicity kissed Oliver's cheek and stepped away from him. "You're wasting time and we're going to be late."

"I drive fast."

"Not this weekend. This weekend is recreation. This weekend is for relaxing." She walked to one of the over sized chairs in Oliver's room, sat down and crossed her legs. "Don't you dare forget to bring your trunks."

"Fine. They're packed." He tossed them into the bag. Oliver looked around and asked, "Have I forgotten anything else?"

"Nope." She stood and grinned. "Let's go before someone forgets and calls."

Oliver grabbed their bags and motioned Felicity to go in front of him through the doorway. "There better be cell service."

They arrived at the resort in record time with Felicity giving directions and rambling on about how Oliver did not need to drive fast. He defended his driving by saying he wanted to start their weekend getaway as soon as possible. Felicity shook her head and stated, "You're lying and lying does not look good on you, Oliver."

"I thought you once said everything looks good on me." He leaned his head to the side as he thought for a moment. "Or maybe it was that I look good in everything I wear. Or that my suit fits in all the right places. Do you remember what you said?"

She playfully smacked his arm. "Stop. I"m sure I never said any of those things. At least, I'm sure I never said those things directly to you. I may have thought them, and I still might think those things, but I would never have said that to you."

"I think counting was involved."

"Great, then I guess I said something, even if I didn't intend to say it. Now, grab those trunks, change into them, and we're heading out."

"No, you know I do not like to swim."

"And we're not swimming."

"Well, why do I need to change into my trunks?" He folded his arms across his chest and tried his best to glare at Felicity.

"You know that never works." She kissed his lips, grabbed his trunks and tossed them at his chest. "There. I found them for you. Now, please change. If you change into your trunks, you might see me in a brand new bikini I bought especially for this weekend."

He thought a moment before giving in. "Fine."

"I don't know why you always try to fight these things. You know you always give in."

"Not always." He noticed the way she was looking at him and smiled. "Okay, usually, but there have been a few times when I did not give in to you."

"Don't worry. I keep all of your secrets, Oliver. No one will know that the Arrow can't find a way to say no to his Girl Wednesday." She smiled.

"I thought it was Friday."

"It is, but we seem to be busiest on Wednesdays." Felicity grabbed her bikini and walked into the bathroom as she laughed and closed the door behind her.

Oliver changed and unpacked their things while Felicity did whatever she needed in the bathroom, which Oliver still didn't understand about women. He was seconds away from knocking on the door when she emerged. "Fina...." He abruptly stopped.



Felicity beamed. "You like?"

"Yes. Do we still have to leave the cabin?"

"Yes. Let's go." Felicity grabbed the key and tossed it in her tote along with two bottles of water. "I assume they'll have towels there."

"There where?"

"Patience, sweetheart. Patience." They walked along the main path to the lodge and entered. Felicity led him away from the desk, around the corner and down a hallway. She opened a door and the heat was a bit of a shock to them. Felicity was smiling so Oliver felt it was safe to follow.

"Hot tub."

"Yes. We are avoiding the pool and instead, we are having a nice mid winter dip int he hot tub. Now, aren't you glad you listened to me and brought your trunks?"

"Yes, very. Might go so far to say ecstatic."

"Good. Now stop worrying, stop resisting all of this and let's get into the hot tub so we can start our wonderfully romantic vacation."

Oliver smiled and followed Felicity into the hot tub. After he sat beside her, he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. "This is the perfect vacation."


Her hands were freezing.

"I cannot believe you planned a weekend getaway, in the middle of winter no less, and did not bring a pair of gloves. I've watched you put on a pair of gloves in the spring so how did you forget to pack them this weekend?" Oliver knew he shouldn't pick on her but the moment was too good to pass up so he took advantage.

"I don't know." Felicity was rubbing her hands together to warm them but it was not working fast enough. "I suppose I thought they were in my coat pocket. I forgot I had my coat at the cleaners and grabbed it from there on the way to your place. I was so focused on making certain we left on time, I never thought about double checking anything of mine." She shivered and grumbled. "Besides, you were the one that thought it would be a fantastic idea to go for a walk in the snow." Felicity stopped and turned toward Oliver. "In the snow, Oliver. And, to top it all off, it is snowing again." Felicity looked at the sky. "See? Snow."

Oliver chuckled. "I see it. I think it looks beautiful. Plus, I think you look beautiful out here in the woods walking in the snow with me.

She sighed and mumbled a thank you to Oliver.

"Wait. What could be in my pocket?" He faked a surprised gasp. "There's two of them" he exclaimed.

"Two?"" Felicity faced him. "Two what? Take your hands out of your pocket and tell me what you have two of, Mr. Queen."

"Oliver, please. And I think they might fit perfectly on those beautiful hands of yours." He held out his hand to show her the gloves.

"Gloves! Oliver, you have a pair of my gloves?" She took them from his outstretched hand and put them on before she hugged him. As she let go, she had a wide grin on her face and said, "thank you."

"You're welcome, Felicity." He held her hand in his own and smiled. "Now, can we continue our walk?"

"Yes, I would love to continue our perfect walk in the snow while I wear my warm gloves." She giggled and started walking down the path, away from the cabins. "You could have told me a little earlier that you had my gloves."

"Yes, but it wouldn't have been quite as fun."

Stranded in a Blizzard

"We're never getting home."

"We're going home." She paused before adding, "Eventually."

"He said the roads are closed, Felicity."

"No, he said they are temporarily closed. Temporarily does not mean that we are not getting home. It means we aren't going home tomorrow as planned." Felicity had no idea there would be this much snow in such a short amount of time. Certainly, they'd be able to get home in a day or two. She looked through the window and sighed. "It's still snowing."

"Yeah, I can see that, Felicity."

"No need to be so testy, Oliver. I did not plan the snow. I did not tell Mother Nature to dump all of this on us because I definitely would have requested she wait until we were back home. I am not prepared to stay another day or two. I had my clothes all planned out and this much snow was not in my plan."

Oliver sighed loudly. "Did you check the weather before we left? I guess I should have looked since it is the middle of winter. Oh, that's right, I couldn't because I didn't know where we were going."

"Yeah, well, I didn't think to check for a blizzard."

"No, this is not a blizzard. We are not stranded at this resort in a blizzard because blizzards do not happen here." He folded his arms and stared at the snow as if glaring would make it stop falling.

Felicity tilted her head and looked at Oliver. "What?"

He glanced at her and then glared at the snow once more. "No, it didn't sound any better in my head before I said it either. I know that a blizzard can happen anywhere. I just didn't want to be stuck here with you."

"Wow. And here I thought I was the only one that said terribly inappropriate things to people."

"No. Felicity, I did not mean it like that. I meant that I did not want to be stuck here with anyone. Not that you're just anyone. I mean that...."

"Stop. You're digging a bigger hole for yourself and pretty soon you'll be on your way to the other side of the world so stop. Don't speak." Felicity shook her head.

"You know what I"m trying to say." He looked at her and smiled apologetically as she raised an eyebrow at him. "I am trying to say that I would rather be home in the snow than here in the snow." Oliver gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. "Although, I'm glad we're here together."

"Yeah, if we have to be stuck, it's much better being stuck together." She rolled her eyes.

He let go of her and stepped back. "May I start over?"

"I think we should change the subject."

"Want to go for a walk in the snow? You have your gloves."

"After you hid them from me for almost half our walk." She turned and walked over to the picture window. "You have to admit that the snow is beautiful. And the mountains are beautiful." She turned toward Oliver. "Hey, now we can do whatever we want to do because we have plenty of time. Or at least an extra day or two."

Oliver smiled. "I suppose you have a point. Maybe with the blizzard we can relax a bit and go skiing or another of the many things we couldn't do in a day and a half."

"Good. Let's go to the main lodge and see what we can do this afternoon."

"Well, I have an idea of what we could do this afternoon since we're stranded and we don't need to walk to the main lodge." Oliver winked at Felicity and she forgot all about the lodge, as well as the blizzard, once they walked into the bedroom.

Cold Feet

"What the hell was that?"

Felicity giggled. "Excuse me?"

"My leg. Do you have ice cubes down there?"

"No. Just my feet."

"No human feet can be that cold. Ever."

"Cold feet, warm heart."

"Thought that was nose. Or hands. I've never heard feet. The only saying I've heard with cold feet happens before a wedding." He tried to move his legs away from Felicity's feet without her noticing.

"Now it's my turn to ask, what the hell was that?"

He chuckled "Felicity, your feet are freezing."

"I know. Which is the exact reason why I was warming them up with the help of your legs."

"Well, try not to do that anymore."

Felicity sighed and got out of bed.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"To get my socks so my cold feet can warm up and not freeze your legs."

"Okay." He smiled when she got back into bed. "Thank you."

She smiled and gave him a kiss. "Can we take our nap now that we're warm?"

"Sounds great" he responded as he wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes.


Oliver glanced across the room to see what Felicity was doing and glared. "Hey, that's my sweater."

"I know." Felicity smiled. "I'm borrowing it."

"Usually the person borrowing something would ask the person they were borrowing from if they could in fact borrow the item." Oliver stood beside Felicity and waited to see if she was giving back the sweater.

"We just spent the afternoon in bed so I assumed you wouldn't have a problem with me borrowing your sweater. You said it was my color two weeks ago when I wore it."

"Yes, I know where we were this afternoon and yes, I do remember saying that to you last week, however, it's cold and that's the only sweater I happened to bring with me this weekend."


"So, I was planning on wearing it since we have to walk in the snow again."

"You have a coat, right?" She was not giving up the most comfortable sweater she has ever had on her body without a fight, even if it wasn't her own.

He stared at her for a moment and folded his arms across his chest.

"I saw you wearing a coat yesterday."

"I realize I have a coat and yes, I wore it yesterday when we went on our walk I planned on wearing it this evening over my sweater because I was not planning on being cold."

She took a few steps toward Oliver and stood as close as she could to him. "It's so warm."

"I know."

"And it is so comfortable."

"Yes, it is."

"And may I please wear your sweater if I let you take it off of me as soon as we get back here?" She wiggled her eyebrows at Oliver.

He weighed his options and decided a happy Felicity made a happy Oliver. "Okay. Wear my sweater. I have a long sleeve shirt I can wear that might keep me warm."

"Ooh, is it the blue one with...."

"No, you are not wearing it. I need something to wear because I am not going to dinner shirtless."

"Well, if you wanted to eat shirtless we would not need to leave the cabin."

Oliver chuckled and took her hand in his once he was dressed and ready to go. He wasn't about to admit to Felicity that she looked better in his sweater than he ever had.


Oliver and Felicity rushed into the cabin, quickly shutting the door behind them. "Not the best idea to do all of that walking in a blizzard."

"No, not at all." Felicity agreed as she walked to the fireplace. "How do we start a fire in this thing?"

Oliver laughed as he placed the kindling. "We start with this and go from there. You go grab the blankets and I'll start the fire. After that, I'll move the couch closer to the fireplace. Then we'll be warm." He wrapped her in his arms before saying, "You're freezing, Felicity."

"I know" she exclaimed. "Freezing. I don't care how beautiful the snow is, I am not going for another walk in it."

"We signed up for activities, didn't we?"

"Great. What was I thinking?"

"You were thinking how we needed a vacation and this is it. So, we're focusing on the positives and trying to block out any and all negatives."

"But there's so many negatives and they're all freezing."

"No, there's definitely more positives to this vacation than negatives. We just have to forget for a moment that we're freezing." Oliver let go of her and smiled. "Now, go grab the blankets and by the time you get back, I'll have the fire going and the couch closer to the warmth."

Fell Off The Boat

Oliver sat up and felt around for something to steady himself as he tried to figure out where he was.

"Another nightmare?"

Oliver let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding and answered, "Yeah. I haven't had one in a while so I don't know why I had one here. We're in a good place. I'm in a good place."

"I guess nightmares aren't very picky about where they grab you." She gently touched his face, hoping to somehow help him calm his breathing. "Relax. It's okay. Just us and we're good."

He closed his eyes and leaned into her hand. "Yes. We're good."

"Want to talk about it?"

He slowly opened his eyes and gazed at her. "Same sort of nightmare. Boat. Water. Storm this time, though."

"Did you make it out? I remember last time you ended up trapped on the boat and then it filled with water." She rested her head on his shoulder because she knows it makes it more difficult for Oliver when she watches him as he talks about his nightmares. He told her once that it hurt him more to see the concern written all over her face than the nightmares themselves.

"Fell off the boat. Arms tied together. Didn't make it this time. Or I wasn't going to make it because I couldn't break free." He kissed her forehead and added, "Not until I woke up here with you."

"I'm glad you didn't actually fall off the boat with your arms tied, Oliver."

"Me too, Feliccity. Me too."


"Wait, you've never been skiing?"

"No, Oliver. For the last time, I have never been skiing and I was hoping we could do everything else available to us without ever having to ski. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I'm not exactly the most graceful woman in the world." Felicity crossed her arms in defiance.

Oliver smiled. "Felicity, I can teach you."

"No, I would rather not break a leg while we are on vacation. We've had a wonderful time so far and that would only ruin things. I like having full use of my legs."

"I like your legs, too, but I don't think you'll break either leg. It'll be fun." Oliver smiled in an attempt to reassure Felicity.

"No. Too much snow. Too much of a klutz. Too much of a risk that I won't go home a healthy woman. I have a brochure along with the notebook full of information on the desk and we are going to come up with another activity that will not put me in the hospital. Skiing will put me in the hospital. Let's knit or cook or something."

"Knit? You think knitting will be a fun activity to do in the winter?"

"Yes, you can knit yourself another fantastic sweater so I can have your sweater I wore to dinner. Perfect plan." Felicity was beaming because she was certain that was a much better plan.

Oliver tilted his head. "I do not need to knit myself a sweater when I have a perfectly good one in my drawer."

"Technically it is with our dirty clothes because you wore it to dinner. However, the instant I wash it, I will have it in my drawer and it will still be my favorite sweater."

He furrowed his brows. "Hey, you got me sidetracked."

"I know."

"I think you'll be fine if we go skiing. I think you are a quick learner and you'll be mastering the beginner slope in no time."

"No, not skiing."

He decided to give in and agree. "Next time. Next time we're going skiing as soon as we get here because the slopes look perfect."

"Thank you, Oliver."

"You're welcome, Felicity."

tis all
Tags: challenge: bingo, fandom: arrow, fic: olicity, rating: pg-13
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