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Fic: Why Me, Arrow, PG, 1/1

Title: "Why me?"
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Arrow
Parings/Characters: Felicity, mentions others
Prompt: Cry Me a River from 2-12-15 "Why Me?"
Word Count: 419 words
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Arrow
Warnings/Spoilers: never happened, mentions her past and was written after that awful moment at the end of that episode where she said what she said. And again, no beta. Sorry.
Summary: Felicity wonders why things cannot be easier for her when her heart is involved
Author's Note: I wrote this after that awful ending in that particular episode where she said what she said. I figure she would want things to be easier in love for her like it seems to be with others.

In the beginning she only wanted him to love her back, but now she was telling him she didn't want to be a woman he loves. Who does that? Who waits and watches and moons over a man for way longer than she ever should and then says "no, no thank you. Don't love me anymore." unless they're a little bit crazy? Felicity shook her head as she combed her hair. "Ow." She smiled as she realized she should never, ever think about Oliver and their inability to make anything work while she was combing her hair. She probably shouldn't think about him while doing anything else for that matter.

She'd figure it out, somehow. Someday, Felicity knew she would figure out how to love him and how to let him love her without fighting any of it. She would learn to trust him completely with everything because somehow, as weird or awful as something sounds, it ends up working out okay for everyone. It is a long, winding path most of the time but they eventually find their way and it works. It's never easy and just once she wanted things to be simple.

Love always seemed so simple to everyone else. It never ended up even close to simple for Felicity. She wanted to fall in love and have someone fall in love with her and all would be fantastic. Instead, her last few relationships ended horribly, what with one in jail and one presumed dead on a cliff. Of course, just before that there was Barry in a coma right before he turned into a hero. It is much to early to think that whatever might be going on with Ray is a relationship yet, but that certainly won't end up as anything but awful if he turns into a hero. She knows it is not a great decision, but she cannot let him go off on his own and try to figure out the whole hero thing. It didn't work for Oliver and it won't work for Ray so she'll be there.

Maybe she should just give up on men all together. Not forever, of course, but it would be a good idea to avoid them all for now. She would be just fine on her own. Yes, she will stay away from all men for now and she will still be miserable and all alone every single Friday night for the rest of her life. Unless, of course, someone is in danger and needs help.
Tags: challenge: cry me a river, fandom: arrow, fic: olicity, rating: pg
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