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Fic: "Words", Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG-13

Title: "Words"
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Parings/Characters: Steve/Danny, Kono
Prompt: Chicken, Falling, Ice Cream, Watermelon, Skinny Dipping
Word Count: 500 words
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Hawaii Five-0
Warnings/Spoilers: never happened, inspired a bit by the last few episodes we've seen this season
Summary: Kono thinks Steve is chicken when it comes to his true feelings about Danny. He proves her wrong.
Author's Note: Saw the words for today's drabble/icon challenge and somehow I made all but one work together! After a few episodes this season, I've gone back to my love of McDanno which makes me happy since I loved them so much in Season one! :D

"I think you're chicken."
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me, Steve." Kono put her hands on her hips and dared him. "You need to tell him how you feel. Not your 'I love you' that you toss around almost daily but an honest to goodness, 'I am in love with you, Danny' sort of statement so he knows you're in love with him. That is what it is going to take for him to realize Amber is completely wrong for him. Not that I don't like her, because she's a nice girl."
“I'm not chicken.”
“Then do something about it.”

Steve wasn't going to just come right out and tell Danny he was in love with him, even if Kono dared him to do it. She was right, because Steve told Danny he loved him almost daily. It wasn't his fault Danny was too blind to see that Steve meant that he was falling in love with him for real. Or maybe Steve had been in love with him for as long as he could remember. None of that mattered though, because he was convinced Danny was falling for Amber and Steve was not going to stand in their way.

"Hey, Steve?" Danny knocked on Steve's open door.
"Yeah, Danny?"
He smiled. "Want to go for some ice cream?"
"With Grace?"
"No, with me. Tough case and I thought ice cream would be fun since it's mid-morning. Having our usual beer would be odd this time of day."
The only words running through his mind screamed this was a date but he calmly nodded. "Sure, let's get some ice cream to celebrate." He paused a moment before he asked, "everyone else coming?"
"Nope, just us, Babe."
Steve stood and left with Danny as he heard Kono's words in his head.

"Watermelon? Are you really getting watermelon flavored ice cream?"
"Sorbet. It's good. Want a taste?" Steve asked as he held out a spoon for Danny.
"No. I said we should go for ice cream and you can't even let go and have triple chocolate ice cream or something equally as unhealthy."
"Too early for that. A triple chocolate ice cream would be better at night after dinner."
"You offering?" Danny took a bite of his ice cream.
"Am I what?"
"Offering dinner and dessert?"
Why the hell not? "Tonight. Dinner with the most unhealthy dessert at my house."
"Sounds great."

Steve stopped by the store and bought some sort of triple chocolate, decadent ice cream on his way home from work and fixed what he thought was a romantic dinner. Kono's words had been floating through his head all day so Steve took the perfect opportunity to let Danny know how he feels.
They had a wonderful dinner, loved the unhealthy dessert and Steve finally said those five words.
Danny responded with "finally" and kissed Steve.
"Want to go skinny dipping?"
"I hate the water."
"Skinny dipping?"
Danny grinned. "Sounds perfect."
Steve made sure he thanked Kono the next morning.

tis all
Tags: challenge: drabble/icon, fandom: hawaii five-0, fic: steve/danno, fiction: slash, rating: pg-13
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