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Fic: Memories of a Storm, General Hospital, PG

Title: Memories of a Storm
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: General Hospital
Parings/Characters: Jake(Jason) and Elizabeth
Prompt: Comment Fic Friday in 1_million_words ~ Wild Weather
Word Count: 800 words
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of General Hospital
Warnings/Spoilers: This happens after today's show...that awful woman that interrupted them and showed up on Elizabeth's doorstep. I suppose you'll need to know a little Jason/Elizabeth (Liason) history and how he's presumed dead but is back without his memory.
Summary: She took him to a park to convince him she's his wife, but never expected her plan to backfire
Author's Note: I am tired of this storyline dragging on so long. I've always loved Jason and Elizabeth together. I have so many issues with Sam but I like her with Patrick. Anyway, about the story, no beta other than the hemingway app and grammarly.

"I'm sorry. I just, I don't remember anything." Jake ran his hands through his hair and began the walk back to her car. "We need to go."

She didn't follow. "So, you're giving up?"

He stopped and looked at the sky. Jake brought his gaze back toward the woman that said she's his wife and explained, "rain. It's going to rain and I would rather not get caught in a storm."

She couldn't let him leave. She had to convince him to stay. She grabbed his arm. "Wait. Please?"

"What else is there to say? I guess we can head back to town and you can get a room at the Metro Court. We can talk some more and figure this out."

"Talk? You're my husband. You're alive. I thought you were gone."

"I can't remember."

"It doesn't matter. I remember. I'll help you remember."

The rain began to fall as the storm lit up the sky. "Great." Jake started toward the car once more and didn't bother to turn around as he asked if she was coming.

"Yes. I suppose we're done for the day."

The moment Jake reached the car, a feeling rushed through him. He held on to the side of the car and mumbled, "I've been here."

"You remember the park?"

As he turned around, it wasn't the woman claiming to be his wife that he saw. Jake saw Elizabeth. He saw Elizabeth standing in the rain. "Elizabeth."

"No, my name is not Elizabeth. My name is..."

"No. I mean, I have to speak to Elizabeth. As soon as possible." Jake opened the car door, got inside and shut the door before she could argue with him.

She walked around the car and realized the entire afternoon was a bust. She decided she would take him back to that woman's house if only to give her a chance to make a phone call in private.

"Can I have your number?" Jake asked.

"Yes, of course." She wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

"Thanks" was all he said before he got out of the car. He never waited for an answer before he closed the door.

He stood on her porch and closed his eyes. Jake focused on the sounds of the rain and the thunder with the hope that the memory would return. He could see her standing in front of him in the rain. They were soaked and standing beside a car. He could remember how the rain felt on his bare arms and Jake could see Elizabeth's yellow coat. He could remember the kiss they shared and a feeling of sadness and helplessness rushed over him but he didn't know why. Jake heard the door open.

"Jake? What are you doing back?" Elizabeth was not expecting to see him this soon.

He opened his eyes. "You said you loved me in the rain." He waited for a reaction and continued. "A storm. Something happened to your car. You had a yellow coat. We kissed. We kissed and then you left." He paused a moment before he added, "And it killed me inside."

As she listened to his words, Elizabeth knew when that happened. That moment was the exact reason she always thought of Jason whenever there was a storm. She couldn't stop the tears.

Jake looked into her eyes and knew, somehow, that they'd been here before, standing together on her porch. "Who am I?"

"You can't be him. I don't know how you could be."

"Can I come in?"

"Of course," she said as she stepped out of his way. She watched him walk inside and closed the door. Elizabeth couldn't move. She watched every part of Jake as he paced around the room. The way he walked, his shoulders, and she noticed what he was doing with his hands. First shoving them into his pockets and then he would run them through his wet hair. "Jason" she whispered as she looked at him.

He stopped and turned toward Elizabeth. "What did you say?"

She took a few steps closer but stopped. "How?" The tears fell down her cheeks as he made his way toward her. This man that had no memory of his life before she saw him in the hospital was standing in front of her and all she could see or hear or feel was Jason. She reached up and touched his face with her hands. She focused on his eyes and realized she should know that blue anywhere. "Why didn't I know?"

He leaned down and kissed her.

Elizabeth kissed him back and knew exactly who he was.

When the kiss ended, he looked at her once more and asked, "who am I?"

"Jason" she whispered and wrapped her arms around him.
Tags: challenge: comment fic, fandom: general hospital, fic: liason, rating: pg
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