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Fic: Facing Tomorrow, When Calls The Heart, PG, 1/1

Title: Facing Tomorrow
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: When Calls The Heart
Parings/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth, Charles
Prompt: Weekend Challenge "And tomorrow we might not be together" from Carly Simon's 'Anticipation'
Word Count: 639 words
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of When Calls The Heart (novels, movie or the series)
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place after the end of tonight's episode. (6-6-15)
Summary: Elizabeth knows her heart but has no idea how to prove it to Jack after their time in Hamilton
Author's Note: Tonight's episode crushed me. Well, the end of tonight's episode crushed me so when I thought about my weekend challenge and how the episode ended, this lyric seemed to fit perfectly. It really is a wonderful show and the first season is now on Netflix! :D I hope y'all enjoy, even if you have no idea who Jack or Elizabeth or Charles is. No beta (other than the Hemingway app) and dealing with a headache so I apologize for any errors. Just felt like I needed to get this posted considering I haven't posted a thing since March. *sigh*

She watched as he walked away, her heart slowly breaking into a million tiny pieces. Certainly, he didn't think the fact that they weren't in the same car could possibly stop her from finding him and speaking to him. Elizabeth sighed as she realized Jack just might ignore her during the entire ride back to Hope Valley.

Once she was situated in her boxcar, she sat down and looked around. Elizabeth stared at the walls that surrounded her and she wished Jack would change his mind and join her on his own. She looked at the clock, stood, and began to pace in the tiny space allowed. "Well, this isn't going to work." She straightened her dress and found her resolve as she walked through the doorway in search of Jack.

He tried to draw to get his mind off of Elizabeth and her father and most everything in Hamilton but it was no use. Elizabeth was always on his mind because when he looked down at his sketch pad, it was her face he saw.

"I wish I'd known sooner how talented you are, Jack."

He remained still and did not look at her. "It's not something I often share."

"You should share more often."

Jack looked at her, shook his head and stood. "I share when I know it means something. When it will be appreciated. Fully."

"I appreciate your work, Jack. I appreciate you."

"Do you?"

"Jack!" She placed her hands on her hips. "Of course I do. I care about you and I worry and I appreciate you and everything you do." She brushed her dress and folded her arms as she searched for the right words. "Besides, I spoke to Charles last night and..."

"Of course you did."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That means that of course you would speak to Charles the night before you leave for Hope Valley. I'm sure your father invited him for dinner." Jack shook his head and turned toward his seat.

"Ignore me if you like, but I spoke to him and I explained that what I share with him is merely friendship."

"And did he respond?"

Elizabeth did not expect Jack to ask that question and it seemed she hesitated a moment too long.

"Of course he did. He responded by insisting you should think long and hard about how you really feel. I'm sure he also pointed out the fact that I was just a Mountie and not appropriate to be out in 'society'." Jack sat down in his seat as he added, "I'll see you when we arrive in Hope Valley, Elizabeth. Enjoy your boxcar because I'm sure it's quiet enough for you to contemplate your feelings."

"Or lack there of."

"Yes, that too."

"For him. A lack of feelings for Charles. That is what I will be thinking about in my boxcar." She turned on her heels and stomped back to that cold, empty boxcar they discussed. She sat down once more and stared at the walls around her, feeling more alone than she ever had. Elizabeth had nothing to think about when it came to her heart. Jack was the one. She needed to tell him but knew he wouldn't believe her until a sufficient amount of time had passed. Elizabeth knew she had to wait but a panic swept over her when she realized if she waited too long, it would be too late and she could lose him. She could not imagine a tomorrow where she wasn't in his life but if she made any more mistakes, it would be her reality. Tears fell down her cheeks as she picked up a pen and paper. She would write her heart in a letter and surely he would believe her. Her words will prove to him where her heart has led.
Tags: fandom: when calls the heart, fic: jack/elizabeth, rating: pg, weekend: challenge
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