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Fic: Appointment Television, H50, PG-13

Title: Appointment Television
Author: weakmoments
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Parings/Characters: Steve, Danny, Grace, mentions Catherine
Prompt: AU Weekend Challenge 06/12/2015 ~ #3 my best mate somehow fucked up my tv and tonight is the season premiere of this show i really really like and no livestream will work on my computer so will you please let me watch it on your tv i promise i’ll go back to my flat once it’s over ( AU Prompt source )
Word Count: 1224 words
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Hawaii Five-0
Warnings/Spoilers: never happened because it's AU! :D
Summary: Steve needs a TV and regrets never introducing himself to his neighbors
Author's Note: This is actually the first real, completely AU story I've ever written but the prompt hit close to home and I knew I had to write it! See, my TiVo has been out since the beginning of May so I had some season finale issues as well as season premieres. I feel Steve's pain here. And last night was the season finale of When Calls The Heart so it was the show that was fresh on my mind and another bit of the whole AU thing for the fellas! :D Threw this into Hemingway app and Grammarly and shanachie_quill was kind enough to go through it too! Enjoy!

Steve threw the remote across the room and realized it was not the best idea when it busted into pieces. "Damn it." He took a deep breath and counted to fifty before he decided to get dressed and find a TV to watch. He shook his head as he passed his broken laptop on the way to his bedroom.

"Hey, it's me. I was just calling to see if you were busy tonight. I guess you are since you're not answering your phone. Talk to you later." He was quickly running out of people to call when he looked at the clock. "Damn it." He was not going to miss the premiere. Steve would do whatever he had to do to see it, considering this season only had 10 episodes. He stepped outside his apartment door and grabbed his phone from his pocket. He sent Catherine another text and yelled at her for ruining his television before he walked outside. Steve stepped onto the sidewalk and turned back to look at the building, never noticing the two people walking toward him.


"Yeah, Monkey?"

"What's that man doing?"

Danny looked at the man in question and shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea."

"That's Steve. He lives down the hall."

"He does?" Danny was certain he would have noticed a man down the hall that looked like that.

Grace looked up at her dad and shook her head as she rolled her eyes. "Yes, and I told you about him, too."

"Oh! That guy? Yeah."

"You don't remember. That's fine." Grace sighed. "I thought he could be cute for you so that is why I told you about him." She grabbed her father's arm and said, "ask him what he's doing."

"No, I'm not going to ask a total stranger why he's looking at the building like a lost puppy."

"Hi!" Grace spoke loudly and picked up her pace. "How are you?"

Steve turned and smiled at the little girl that has been telling him hello the last two weeks. "Hi Grace. I'm okay. How are you on this beautiful day?" He looked at her father and smiled.


"Hi. I'm Steve." He held out his hand and took a few steps closer to the man standing with Grace.

"Hey. Danny." He shook Steve's hand and tried removing the inappropriate thoughts from his mind. Danny let go and wished his hand wasn't sweaty.

Grace nudged her father and glared at him in an attempt to remind him to ask the man why he was looking at the building.

"Fine" Danny whispered to her and looked at Steve. "We were curious. Why are you staring at the building? Is there a problem?"

"With the building? No. With my television, yes."

"So you decided to watch the building instead of a TV for entertainment?"

Grace wanted to yell at her father for being such a smart ass but she held back and instead asked, "What happened with your television?"

"My best friend, Cath, decided to come over yesterday and watch it since I wasn't home. She said she needed to see her show in a quiet room. Then she said my TV started acting funny and stopped working. I've called about it and of course they can't send anyone out until Monday. I don't know why the hell no one works on the weekends. And to top it all off, my laptop went on the fritz." Steve decided not to mention he broke it in too many pieces to fix.

"So why were you staring at the building?" Danny still needed an answer.

He blushed. "I was trying to decide what door to start knocking on. Wondering which neighbor would be kind enough to let me watch their television tonight." Steve checked his watch and looked back at Danny. "In about twenty minutes. For two hours."

"We have a TV." Grace chimed in.

Danny looked at his daughter and furrowed his brows. "We do but what if we might have had plans to watch something in twenty minutes that isn't the same as what Steve here wants to watch?" He gave Steve an apologetic look.

"Oh. Well, that's okay. I'm sure someone will want to watch, uh, the show I wanted to watch." Out of all the people in their building, he was fairly certain Danny was not planning to watch his show.

"What show is it, Steve?" Grace was not letting this go.

He cringed. Steve realized he would have to tell this good looking man and his adorable daughter that he needs to watch a show on the Hallmark Channel. "Uh, um, it's..."

"Well, we were planning on watching When Calls The Heart." Grace grinned.

Danny glared.

Steve looked surprised.

"Yeah, probably not your show but Grace really likes it and wishes she had a teacher like Elizabeth."

"I think every child would like to have her as a teacher. And Jack as their Constable. Maybe not Gowan for a boss though."

"That's your show, too?" Grace grinned from ear to ear.

"Yes.” Steve smiled. “It is."

"You can watch with us!" She looked at her father. "Right, Danno?"


"It's what Grace calls me. Long story. And yes, you can watch with us if you want to." Danny tried to quickly calculate the seating arrangements, and realized he would have to fight his daughter for the chair. Otherwise, he would have to sit with Steve on the tiny couch that doubles as Danny's bed.

"We have snacks and there's beer. Longhorns."

Steve chuckled.

Danny laughed. "No, Monkey, Longboards."

"You sure you don't mind?" Steve hated to be a burden.

"We're watching it anyway. And we'd better hurry and get settled or we'll miss the beginning." Danny assured him.

"Follow me." Grace nudged Steve so he knew to follow her. She was first to the door, first to the stairs, first to their apartment door and then she was first in the chair. "Looks like you two have the couch."

Danny stood at the door and held back a sigh. He wanted to tell Grace to slow down but he knew in his gut she hurried to make it to the chair first. He thought about grabbing the folding chair from the closet but realized it would be more awkward than sitting with Steve on the couch. "Okay, I'll get the beer if you could empty the grocery bags." He smiled at Steve and explained. "These would be our snacks for tonight."

"Oh, good plan." Steve emptied the bags and arranged everything on the coffee table. He walked to the kitchen and asked Danny where he could find the plates.

"Right here" Danny replied as he turned and ran into Steve. "Damn small apartments."

Steve laughed. "Yeah, but they can be cozy with the right person" he mumbled.

"Okay, here it is."

"Thanks again for letting me watch with you. I promise I'll go back to my apartment as soon as it's over."

"Or we could put Grace to bed and watch it again when it airs for the second time tonight. You know, to make sure we didn't miss anything the first time." Danny smiled as they sat together on the couch.

"That sounds nice." Steve made a mental note to call Catherine the next day and thank her for ruining his television.
Tags: fandom: hawaii five-0, fic: au, fic: steve/danno, rating: pg-13, weekend: challenge
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