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Fic: Aging Gracefully...or not (Alex/Scott, R, 1/2)

Title: Aging Gracefully...or not
Rating: R for language
Warnings/Spoiler/author's note: K, so this is RPF cause well, last night while watching Hawaii Five-0 I am pretty sure I noticed Alex O'Loughlin's hair no longer had the sexy grays at his temple and scattered through...which annoyed me. So I figure something must be done. Also wrote it after watching the episode three times so yes, I was a smidge obsessed. Have not yet decided if there will be other little moments to write but this might be just a one shot.
Disclaimer: I do not know them, have no idea if they had this conversation but if it were me, something would be said to the man.
Summary: Scott arrives on set and notices something odd about Alex

Thanks bunches and bunches to shanachie_quill for editing as well as listening last night to my obsessing over the lack of gray in Alex's hair! :D

"Sorry. Overslept."

"Yeah, nothing’s been on schedule today." Alex smiled at his friend and tilted his head when he noticed how intently Scott was gazing at him. "What?"

"The fuck?"

"Excuse me?"

Scott walked around him, looking at his head. In an attempt to knock some sense into him, Scott smacked Alex upside the back of his head before standing in front of him again and glaring at him. "The fuck?" he repeated.

"Okay. WHAT?" Alex asked.

"What? If you are asking me what I am completely confused about, then I probably should have smacked you harder."


"Your hair, Alex. What in the fuck did you do to your hair?"


"Nothing? You're going with that playing dumb?"

Alex shrugged and nodded while trying to be as nonchalant and cool as possible. "Nothing." He’d thought it would work and no one would notice.


"Hey, why am I an idiot?"

"How old are you?" Scott only gave him about a half of a second to answer before deciding to answer for him. "Wait. I know. You are exactly one day younger than I am so we are thirty-four. We are not in our twenties anymore and if you would take a look at my face you'll see it is perfectly normal to have a few scattered grays in your hair, wherever they may be located. You, however, go away for a weekend and come back thinking you're twenty-four." Scott shook his head and walked away, leaving a still stupidly confused Alex, head tilted and all, watching his back as he left.

Part Two

~tis all
Tags: fandom: hawaii five-0, fic: alex/scott, rating: r
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